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African Drumming Day

Wow! What an amazing time the children had today when Steve Rivers from ‘Unbeatable Energy’ came to school and led an African drumming session with each class.

This is the next event in our Tanzanian project. The children were spellbound and completely enthralled with keeping the rhythms and knowing when to play and when to pause. After thrilling performances from each class at the end of the day, Steve praised the children’s concentration and musical ability. The children’s drumming was fantastic and such a joy to watch and hear. Some enthusiastic freestyle dancers as well.

A big thank you to Steve Rivers the children loved it. Please enjoy looking at each class’s performance and photographs of the day in our private gallery.



Sneinton Mosque Visit

On Monday 2 March, three members of Class 4, our latest Diversity Delegates, joined
other children from each of the Equals Schools to visit Sneinton Mosque, Dale Road,
Nottingham. We were very warmly welcomed by the Iman, Imran. We had to take off our
shoes and all females covered their hair with headscarves. It was a calm, inviting space in
which to worship.

Once again it was such an informative visit, finding out how important Islam is to Muslims
and how it affects their daily lives. We found out about the 5 pillars of Islam and how
Angels can only ever do something good and if a person does something good, they are in
fact higher than an angel because they had a choice and chose to do the right thing.
We were shown how to pray to Mecca and the classroom where children go after school
for lessons. All the children were treated to a drink and biscuit.

Alfie, Amelia and Erin are now busy working on their power point which they will then
share with the whole school. Please view photographs of the day in our private gallery.
Thank you Imran and Sneinton Mosque for allowing us into your place of worship and
sharing your beliefs with us.

Visit to Hindu Temple, Nottingham

On Tuesday 25 February, two of our School Council members joined other children from each of the Equals Schools for the first visit to a place of faith as part of the Diversity in the Community Project. They were made to feel so welcome at the Hindu Temple and Community Centre, Carlton Road, Nottingham. The children had all met as a group before to plan their visit

Our children found the visit fascinating and so informative. Archie said,

” I found the temple inviting. We took our coat and shoes off and sat on the brightly coloured carpet and listened to a lady telling us all about Hinduism. We learned about some of the most well known Hindu gods – Rama, Ganesha, Vishnu, Siva and Hanuman.”

Sam said,

“The Temple was really bright and colourful. There were lots of different gods and flowers. I liked it because it was a calm space and we could shut our eyes and breathe deeply and be peaceful.”

The boys are now busy creating a power point to share their learning with the whole school. This is an excellent way for children to learn about different faiths in our community. Our next three delegates have been selected and will be visiting Sneinton Mosque next week.

Class 4 Visit to RAF Syerston

Class 4 had an amazing time at RAF Syerston on Thursday 27 February. Such an interesting place to visit and within walking distance of the school. On arrival, the children went to the de-briefing room to watch a slide show about safety and explaining the effects of g-force.

They then went to the hangar and saw and sat in the cockpit of the gliders. After that the children went to see a tornado that is kept at the base and were told all about it by Squadron Leader CJB Bultel, who actually flew it! There are in fact two tornados at Systerson, one is fighter class and the other is bomber class.

Photographs of the day in our private gallery

In the afternoon the children got to fly in the glider simulator and also made parachutes to carry out an experiment testing parachutes of different sizes, shapes and materials. It was a fantastic experience and a brilliant way to link the children’s Air Resistance and Forces topic to their importance in real life situation
A huge thank you to Flight Lieutenant Delaney and all the staff for their expert knowledge and their hospitality and time spent with the children. We will definitely be making a return visit.




Forest School Club

We are very pleased to welcome Mr Paul Craske back to FPS to lead our afterschool Forest School Club for our Reception children. The children absolutely loved ther first session this week held on Wednesday 26 March, despite heading for the outside in a hail storm. They were soon drumming with buckets, making mud paint to paint the fence with and holding worms.

It was fantastic to see such smiles on their faces, especially when they were introduced to Mr Craske’s ‘assistant’ – Monti, the therapy dog, who played alongside them. A great time was had by all the children and our helpers. Please view photographs of the session in our private gallery.