School Clubs

We try to offer as many opportunities for our children as we possibly can. We listen to the children and try offer activities that the children would like. Please ensure that the children attend all sessions.

It is important that we encourage the children to show commitment to their chosen club as this breeds good habits for the future. I would like to thank all members of the Flintham community for donating their time and providing wonderful opportunities for our children.

Dear Parents

As mentioned in previous communications, all clubs start in the second week back of every half term. Our clubs for this half term are detailed below. Each club will end at 4.00PM unless stated otherwise.

By signing up to their respective clubs, the children are agreeing to commit themselves to attending every session with obvious exceptions for illness or other as is the case during a typical school day. This is as much for safeguarding reasons as well as encouraging good habits for the future.

Reluctantly we have had to close the gates during club times. The gates will remain closed until the end of the sessions. I would like to thank parents for their support on this matter.

Most clubs will only run up to half term as staff will be fully committed to school productions and other extra-curricular activities at this time ( with the exception of Drama, choir, orchestra, French and Film Club)

Any club that is undersubscribed may have to be cancelled. We will do our best to ensure every child gets their first choice but in the event that a club is oversubscribed we will have to work on a first come first served basis.

We have tried to ensure that there is a varied selection of activities available for our children but if you do have any ideas or are possibly willing to support with provision in the future , please do not hesitate to contact the office, we always need volunteers!