Parent Booklets

Our parent booklets provide information for parents and carers on some of the end of year expectations for our children. The National Curriculum identifies these expectations as essential for children to make continued progress across each key stage.

Any extra support parents can provide in helping children to achieve these is of great benefit to the child. If you have any queries regarding the content of this booklet or want support in knowing how best to help your child, please talk to your child’s teacher.

FPS wholeheartedly promotes the development of the whole child. It is important to acknowledge that alongside these national expectations we encourage families to continue to nurture their children as they always have done.

Providing the sporting, social, musical and other enriching experiences beyond our school environment is crucial to their personal development and holds equal value in our school culture.

Reception Booklet

Year 1 Booklet

Year 1 Booklet (Extra)

Year 2 Booklet

Year 3 Booklet

Year 4 Booklet

Year 5 Booklet

Year 6 Booklet