Roman & Celt Day

A very different day was had by Class 3 on Monday 13 January as they had a Roman Centurion come to visit. The children looked fabulous in their costumes, choosing either to be a Roman or a Celt.

Eleanor reported that in the morning the class found out where the Romans invaded and took part in a quiz about clothing, food and houses. The afternoon was spent learning how to march and prepare for battle as either a Roman soldier or Celt warrior and how they fought in different ways. Lots of warrior cries could be heard throughout the school.

Eleaonor said, “The best part of the day was learning about the Colosseum and pretending it was the Empress’s birthday. Some of us were gladiators and other were the people who blessed them before they entered the arena. Another fun part of the day was playing board games. One was called Delta.”

To view photos of the day, please visit our private gallery.