Scarborough PGL 2018

Monday 25 – Wednesday 27 June 2018
Weren’t we lucky with the weather! Three fabulous sunny days at PGL this year for Class 4 – what a difference to Scarborough!
Our residential began with a visit to the adventure playground at Belton House – a firm favourite. The spinning top, tyres, fort and water making see-saw proving popular with the children. After a picnic it was off to PGL.

Please look in our gallery to see pictures of our PGL adventure.

Such a mixture of activities this time – climbing wall, buggy building, survivor, zip wire, giant swing and archery to name but a few.
The first evening we had a campfire, with the children singing several, ‘Repeat After Me’ songs like, ‘Moose, Alpaca…’ Can any of you remember the whole song? Then home to Lincoln dormitories and trying to get to sleep.

Tuesday proved another very busy day: in and out of harnesses and even being taught how to whittle a tent peg and use flint and steel to light a campfire during our survivor session. Lots of food eaten in the canteen at tea time and afterwards a game of, ’Capture The Flag’. Where did the children get their energy from? Although, I have to say that night the children were all out like a light at bedtime.

A super final morning of activities, singing songs and a last visit to the shop and it was back on the bus.
Mrs Hall, Miss Pykett and I were all so impressed with how the children tackled every activity – there was some brilliant co-operation seen in problem solving and some lovely kindness shown in helping each other in the dormitory and canteen. Lots of thank yous at home time too, when we got back to school.

Another really big thank you to Mrs Hall and Miss Pykett for coming and adding to the fun and providing such good support.