Sneinton Mosque Visit

On Monday 2 March, three members of Class 4, our latest Diversity Delegates, joined
other children from each of the Equals Schools to visit Sneinton Mosque, Dale Road,
Nottingham. We were very warmly welcomed by the Iman, Imran. We had to take off our
shoes and all females covered their hair with headscarves. It was a calm, inviting space in
which to worship.

Once again it was such an informative visit, finding out how important Islam is to Muslims
and how it affects their daily lives. We found out about the 5 pillars of Islam and how
Angels can only ever do something good and if a person does something good, they are in
fact higher than an angel because they had a choice and chose to do the right thing.
We were shown how to pray to Mecca and the classroom where children go after school
for lessons. All the children were treated to a drink and biscuit.

Alfie, Amelia and Erin are now busy working on their power point which they will then
share with the whole school. Please view photographs of the day in our private gallery.
Thank you Imran and Sneinton Mosque for allowing us into your place of worship and
sharing your beliefs with us.