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Flintham Primary School

Flintham Primary School

Online Reading Records - Boom Reader

Boom REader - an online reading record

At Flintham Primary School, we place an extremely high value on the importance of reading. Our mission is to instill a love of reading and story-telling in our pupils. We have invested heavily in our phonics scheme Read, Write, Inc and have a wonderful range of books for the children to enjoy. 

We ask parents to log their child's reading on the app when they have read. Our expectation is that children read their book bag book/RWI book at home to parents 4 times a week. We celebrate reading at the end of each half-term in a 'Celebration Assembly' where the children can achieve a different coloured book-worm badge and their name moves along our book badge display in the library. Your child has had to have read 4 times a week over a 5 week period in order to achieve their badge.

For Schools

  • Records kept for the entire time a pupil is at a school
  • Instant whole school view of reading records and books
  • Cheaper than purchasing reading record books
  • Reduced environmental impact of book production

For Staff

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Record reading on any device connected to the internet
  • No loss of records
  • Full access to previous reading records for all pupils
  • Digitally reward children for reading

For Parents

  • Simple login to record reading
  • Can share information with school (tricky words/general comments) to support home/school communication
  • Record reading on any device connected to the internet
  • No worries about finding lost record books

For Pupils

  • Rewards for completing reading challenges
  • Can record any books they read - inside or outside school
  • Create avatars and build up their reading collection

Please find attached below a parent guide which explains how to set up and use the app, and a parent letter explaining the log-in process. Your child’s log in details will be sent out in their book bag. Should you experience any technical difficulties or need any help at all, please contact Mrs.Sharphouse or Mrs.Otton.