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Flintham Primary School

Flintham Primary School

Toothill Family of Schools

We work very closely with Toot Hill School, our local secondary and the other 9 schools within its catchment. Our family of schools is committed to providing a great educational experience for all children in our community. We want this to commence at the point of entry into their school life and continue right the way through Toot Hill School and College.

Our aim is very simple: to enable all pupils to gain the opportunity, support and guidance to grow and develop into confident and aspirational young people, who stand up for what they believe and make positive contributions to society in the future. By working closely together we believe we can enhance the quality of our provision and are committed to doing this by:

• Developing greater:

  • Aspiration and Achievement
  • Expectation and Engagement
  • Care and Guidance

• Having high expectations of our students both academically and in terms of their commitment to their personal development.

• Creating opportunities for our staff, within and across our schools, to share ideas, knowledge and skills and so enhance understanding of our provision and standards from Reception to Year 13.

• Head Teachers and School Leaders meeting regularly to review progress towards our ‘Great’ objectives • Providing specific themed meeting opportunities for staff.

• Strategically supporting our students throughout key transition periods.

• Providing extensive joint enrichment opportunities for our pupils.

• Actively help our students to reflect and recognise their full potential and self-belief.

Work Hard, Be Kind