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Mrs Kim Bartlett - Headteacher

African Dance Day

An exciting day was had by all the children of FPS on Monday 20 January, as each class had a session learning an African Dance, which they then performed to the whole school at the end of a day.

The staff were so impressed with the range of steps the children managed to master in such a short length of time and it was a pleasure to see so many children involved and having fun. This is part of our Tanzania project and an African Drumming Day is booked for March. It will be fantastic to demonstrate our African dancing to the Tanzanian heads when they visit in June.

A big thank you to our two providers from R and R Productions for their expertise and enthusiasm. Please enjoy looking at each class’s performance and photographs of the day in our private gallery.

Roman & Celt Day

A very different day was had by Class 3 on Monday 13 January as they had a Roman Centurion come to visit. The children looked fabulous in their costumes, choosing either to be a Roman or a Celt.

Eleanor reported that in the morning the class found out where the Romans invaded and took part in a quiz about clothing, food and houses. The afternoon was spent learning how to march and prepare for battle as either a Roman soldier or Celt warrior and how they fought in different ways. Lots of warrior cries could be heard throughout the school.

Eleaonor said, “The best part of the day was learning about the Colosseum and pretending it was the Empress’s birthday. Some of us were gladiators and other were the people who blessed them before they entered the arena. Another fun part of the day was playing board games. One was called Delta.”

To view photos of the day, please visit our private gallery.


New Playground Surface

The children returned to school after the Christmas holidays to a new and very smart and very bouncy playground surface on which to play.

We are delighted with the difference this new surface has made to our outside space and how great our climbing frame looks with its new posts in place. As usual, the children were soon making the most of the area!

Thank you so much Friends of Flintham for providing half the costs of the works.

Christmas Productions

What a wonderful time parents and relatives have had this week at FPS watching three amazing Christmas productions: Class 1 ‘Humph the Camel‘, Class 2 ‘The Sleepy Shepherd‘ and Key Stage 2 ‘Cinderella‘.

We are so proud of all our children with how beautifully they sang, knew and performed their lines and some perfect comic timing. Well done children!

A BIG THANK YOU to parents for helping the children learn their parts and provide costumes and props, and a big THANK YOU to all the staff involved and the many hours spent casting and creating parts and rehearsing.

A fantastic £410.70 was raised for School Funds by FOF selling refreshmenents at the shows. THANK YOU!

An incredible £510.13 was collected for  so incredibly generous, Thank you!

Happy Christmas Everyone!


Reducing Plastic Waste

FPS and our Eco team have made the decision to work towards greatly reducing our reliance on ‘single– use’ plastic in school.

We have taken this move to send a positive message to all the children about how we all have a part to play in preserving the planet and our desire to stop using throwaway cartons, straws and wrappers. The children have been given reusable plastic bottles and the milk arrives in recyclable glass bottles.

A big THANK YOU to all our parents who have embraced our initiative.

Toy Story Visual Literacy Day

Thursday 28 November

FPS was full of walking, talking toys on Thursday as the children arrived in their costumes for our Toy Story Literacy Day. In the library cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs, soldiers, Little Bo Peeps and Andys and Sids were seated and ready to begin.

The children were spellbound watching the film and were brilliant at describing the characters, explaining the plot and the toys’ relationships with each other.

The film inspired some really super writing across a range of different genre including: stories, monologues, character descriptions and toy adverts.
Slinkies, Mr Potato Heads, aliens and other toys also appeared in classrooms as the children spent part of the afternoon creating some of the characters from a range of mediums.

Another highly successful enrichment day.

FPS Hedgehog Day

What a wonderful start to the new half-term, with each class having a session learning about one of our native mammals—the hedgehog!

Janet Peto and Sally, both from the Hedgehog Welfare, spent part of the day in each class explaining to the children how to care for these animals and we even had a real hedgehog in school.

The children were full of facts they had learned—one being baby hedgehogs are called ’hoglets’, and another fact is their spikes start to appear two hours after they have been born! Eco team had their own session during assembly. They have been left some boxes and taught how to build hedgehog homes and in the future we hope to have a dedicated “Hedgehog Zone” in the school grounds.

Thank you to Mrs Barker, our Eco Lead, for arranging this visit.

Equals Trust Tanzania Visit

Mrs Bartlett joined all the other head teachers from Equals Trust on an amazing visit to their link schools in Tanzania near the end of half term. Flintham Primary School’s link school is Nianjema Primary School, Bagamayo. This trip was sponsored by the British Council.

On the first day, the teachers were given a fantastic welcome; visiting three of the schools and being greeted with so many smiles and shown some amazing traditional dances, drumming and singing. The heads of all the schools then had a meeting to discuss our joint project and to plan activities. Continue reading


Wednesday 9th October
Thank you to all who attended our African themed Harvest Festival at St Augustine’s Church on Wednesday in aid of the Tanzanian Education Fund.

We are so proud of how the children behaved during the service; performing their pieces and singing our tricky African songs in Congolese and Swahili so beautifully. To raise money, the children have been learning about the Tanzanian artist Edward Tingatinga and his unique style.

The children have each produced their own canvas painting of Tinga Tinga art, which are being offered for sale to parents. Many of the pictures were taken to the church and looked absolutely fantastic and certainly set the scene for our African service.


We look forward to meeting Reverend Ruth Colby very soon and having her being a member of our school community and becoming a frequent visitor to FPS.