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Flintham Primary School

Flintham Primary School

Class 4's trip to RAF Syerston

On Tuesday 14th November 2023, Class 4 of Flintham Primary School visited RAF Syerston. We were greeted by FLT LT Charlie Delainie and her crew, just as a glider set off towards the A46! We were instructed to cluster into a small room with rows of seats, some even from WWll and were taught about forces whilst others went to see the Toucan T-27 (a training plane from Brazil). Ex fighter pilot Chris Bulteel presented the Toucan’s cockpit, which we then had a chance to sit in. Next to toucan T-27 were two large tornadoes which had fought in the Falkland's war. Meanwhile In the hangar, Andy taught us about the four forces; air-resistance, gravity, lift and thrust. There were lots of gliders and even a private plane. After lunch, we designed and tested our own parachutes and dropped them off a balcony with help from Luke. During this time some people made wooden planes and went to experience a glider simulator. Near the end of the trip, the children who made the airplanes threw them in the direction of the RAF base. Thank you RAF Syerston for helping us learn about our local science, everybody thought it was amazing! Written by Alfie Lewis & Isaac Goddard.

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