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Flintham Primary School

Flintham Primary School

Knowledge Organisers

We are excited to share with you our brand new Knowledge Organisers. A Knowledge Organiser is a set of key facts or information that pupils need to know and be able to recall in order to master a unit or topic. Typically, an organiser fits onto one page of A4, which helps students to visualise the layout of the page, which in turn helps them to memorise the information better.

These documents help the children link their knowledge and skills to their previous learning and allow them to know what they are expected to learn throughout a new topic. We are introducing Knowledge Organisers (KOs) to help us develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

Each half term, your child will bring home either 1 or 2 Knowledge Organisers; these will have a History, Geography or Science subject focus. Each KO contains the essential knowledge that your child will need to learn as part of the new topic they will be focusing upon in class. The Knowledge Organisers are designed to be used at home and school to help children to learn the key facts and information relating to their topic.

Please read the full information here: Knowledge Organisers Parent Information

The Knowledge Organisers are arranged into three sections, Autumn, Spring and Summer. The current Organisers are listed below.